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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 5 Summary

  • Augustus doesn't call for a week and Hazel tries not to wait around too pathetically by the phone.
  • On Sunday night, he finally calls and she goes outside to talk to him. They chat about An Imperial Affliction and how they both love it.
  • He also spills the beans: he's managed to somehow contact Peter Van Houten via email. What the what?!
  • Augustus gives Hazel the email address and she spends the next two hours crafting an email to Van Houten begging him to answer her questions about the book's end.
  • Then she stays up talking to Augustus on the phone about everything from books to kisses to Augustus's ex-girlfriend.
  • Turns out that Augustus' ex was named Caroline Mathers, and she died of cancer.
  • They decide that their couple "thing" will be saying "okay" to each other, kind of like how Isaac and Monica used to say "always" to each other.
  • Isaac gets his surgery and there's no evidence of cancer. But he's now blind, of course. Hazel goes to Memorial Hospital to check in on Isaac.
  • When she wakes up the next morning, Van Houten has finally responded to her email. Huzzah!
  • And crazy stuff: the email notes that if she ever finds herself in Amsterdam, he'd be happy to talk to her.
  • She tells her parents and says that she absolutely has to go, but then realizes that they don't have the funds for it.
  • Instead, she calls Augustus who suggests using her Wish from The Genie Foundation, the organization that grants sick kids one wish.
  • Unfortunately, Hazel already used hers on Disney World and Epcot when she was thirteen.
  • On Saturday, when Hazel is at a farmer's market with her parental units, Augustus calls and says that he's at her house and will see her when she gets home.
  • True to his word, he's waiting on the driveway with a bouquet of flowers, and he asks Hazel if she'd like to go on a picnic.
  • They go to a park behind the museum and eat a bunch of orange foods. Augustus says that orange is the national color of the Netherlands.
  • He finally breaks the big news to her: he hasn't used up his Wish yet and is going to use it in order to take them both to Amsterdam!

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