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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 6 Summary

  • Hazel bounds home and breaks the exciting news to her parents, but they're not convinced that she's up for the travel yet.
  • Dr. Maria says it would be okay for her to go to Amsterdam, maybe, but only if her mom goes along.
  • Hazel's got some confused teen girl feelings for Augustus, but she's afraid of letting anything at all happen.
  • She calls Kaitlyn and they talk through it. Hazel comes to the realization that she's afraid of hurting him... again. Just in the way that Caroline Mathers had hurt him.
  • Hazel then commits the cardinal sin of social media and goes online to look at Caroline Mathers's Facebook. Nooo Hazel! No good will come out of this.
  • At dinner, she's nervous and a little freaked out by the whole situation with Augustus.
  • She finally bursts and tells her parents that she's like a grenade and that at some point she's going to blow up and she doesn't want there to be a lot of casualties.
  • She gets all mopey and texts Augustus to tell him that she doesn't want to kiss him because she's afraid of what she'll put him through.
  • He texts back that it's okay. Very understanding, that Augustus boy.
  • Then Hazel's parents come into her room and tell her how amazing they think she is and that they don't see her as a grenade at all. They even say that she doesn't have to go to Support Group.
  • She goes to sleep, but wakes up with this horrible pain in the center of her head.

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