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The Federalists
The Federalists

The Federalists Discussion & Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion & Essay Questions

  1. Big Picture
    • What was the greatest challenge faced by the new nation?
      • Economic instability?
      • Debt?
      • Institutional immaturity?
      • Foreign threat?
      • Weak sense of national identity?
    • If you had been president, which challenge would you have addressed first?
      • Which problem, if corrected, would set the stage for other improvements?
      • Which problem had to be corrected before the others could be addressed?
    • To what extent do Americans still identify with their state or region?
      • Does this local identity supersede national identification?
      • Is this more true in some places than others?
        • If so, why has regional/state identity persisted in these places?
        • If so, is this a problem?
    • Does "republicanism" still exist?
    • Are these values still part of our national ideology?
    • Can you think of an individual that embodies these virtues?
    • Or are these values archaic?
    • Is there such a thing as the "common good?"
    • Should elected representatives speak for the immediate interests of those actually voting for them? Or should they ignore our immediate, local needs in order to advance the "general welfare?"