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The Federalists Movies & TV

A long-running PBS documentary series, American Experience includes three programs of particular value to the study of the Federalist period: "John and Abigail Adams," "Alexander Hamilton," and "The Duel." The programs are of reliable PBS quality, and offer useful companion websites. Alexander Hamilton can also be viewed online.

John Adams (2008)

Check out this Emmy-nominated miniseries on the life of John Adams during the Revolutionary period and the early years of the republic, and watch HBO make the man often (if unfairly) considered to be one of our most boring presidents look incredibly cool.

Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (2000)

Actor Sam Neill (from the television series "The Tudors") is Thomas Jefferson and Carmen Ejogo ("Law & Order") plays Sally Hemings in this fictional tale based on historical events surrounding the controversial relationship between Jefferson and his slave mistress.

Founding Fathers (2000)

A television documentary originally presented by the History Channel , Founding Fathers is divided into four cleverly titled parts. First, "Rebels… With A Cause" traces the early stages of the American Revolution by focusing on the men who triggered it. "Taking Liberties" focuses on Benjamin Franklin's diplomacy in the days leading up to the outbreak of war. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington take center stage in "You Say You Want a Revolution." Finally, "A Healthy Constitution" charts the complex political negotiations led by James Madison and George Washington in solidifying the work of the revolution.

Founding Brothers (2002)

Another offering from the good people at the History Channel, this television mini-series complements Founding Fathers by exploring the post-Revolution political careers of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

The Adams Chronicles (1976)

A thirteen-episode study of four generations of the New England family, The Adams Chronicles was produced in 1976 but it has held up well. Six of the episodes follow John Adams's career from Boston lawyer to second president of the United States.

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