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The Federalists

The Federalists

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George Washington was probably sterile; the father of the country never fathered a child.22

George Washington began cultivating his presidential demeanor at age 15 by copying the Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior into his journal. These maxims taught him to "bedew no man's face with spittle by approaching to near him when you speak," and "cleanse not your teeth with the tablecloth, napkin, fork, or knife, but if others do it let it be done with a pick tooth."23

While George Washington did wear dentures, they were not made of wood. His first full set of dentures was made from hippopotamus ivory carved to fit his gums and filled with ivory and human teeth held in place by gold screws.24

Alexander Hamilton, often criticized as a conservative crony of America's economic elite, was born an illegitimate child in the West Indies. After his father abandoned the family and his mother died, the community collected money to send the promising young man to New York to be educated.25

Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr in 1804. Burr was vice-president under Thomas Jefferson. Incredibly, Hamilton's 19-year-old son, Philip, was killed in another duel by George Eacker just three years before his father met the same fate. Eacker had angered Philip when he praised Alexander Hamilton's political enemy, Thomas Jefferson, in a July 4th speech.26

By the time Edmund Genet prepared to return to France, his party had fallen out of power. Fearing that he might be greeted by the guillotine, he remained in America. France demanded his extradition, but Washington refused. Genet married into a wealthy New York family and lived out his life in America.27

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