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Feist Official Website

Feist's website, on which you can see little vignettes of her tracking for her forthcoming album Metals.

Sally Seltmann Official Website

The co-writer of "1234" has her own career as a singer and songwriter. She used to go under the name New Buffalo. This is her current official webpage.

Studios La Frette

The website of the studio at which "1234" was recorded. Features an incredible video sample of the recording process for that song right on the home page.

Secrets of the Mix Engineers - Renaud Letang

Though this article may sound like gibberish to a lot of people, it is a goldmine for anyone interested in the recording techniques and equipment used to make the "1234" the huge success that it was. Producer/Engineer Renaud Letang lists the equipment he used for each instrument on the song, including the vocals, and describes his vintage approach in the studio.

Leslie Feist Biography

You can find an account of Leslie Feist's recent musical activity here, on the website of Toronto-based independent artist services company founded by Broken Social Scene co-founder Kevin Drew. Initially meant just for Broken Social Scene, the company now acts as an indie record label, a management firm, merchandiser, and music publisher, in Canada and internationally.

Cherrytree Records

Website for the Interscope Records imprint Cherrytree Records. Their roster includes Sting and the Police, La Roux, Robyn, and, of course, Feist.

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