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by August Wilson

Fences Act 2, Scene 2 Summary

  • Stage directions tell us that it's six months later.
  • Troy enters from the house and starts to walk off.
  • Rose comes out on the porch, saying she wants to talk to him.
  • He says she hasn't wanted to talk to him for months, so why now.
  • She tells him she wants him to come home after work tonight.
  • Troy replies that he comes home every night.
  • Yeah, but not straight after work, says Rose, implying that he goes by Alberta's first.
  • Her husband tells her that he's going by the hospital after work.
  • Apparently Alberta might be having the baby early, so he's going to check on her.
  • Rose informs him that they put Gabe in the mental hospital today.
  • She accuses him of signing the papers to have Gabe put away.
  • He denies it.
  • Rose says Ms. Pearl showed her the paper with his signature on it.
  • Now Troy will get part of the check that the government sends for his brother.
  • Troy says he didn't know what he was signing because he can't read.
  • Rose accuses Troy of selling his brother out for the money.
  • He flatly denies it.
  • The phone rings and Rose goes to answer it.
  • She comes back out and tells Troy that it was the hospital calling.
  • Alberta has had the child but died in the process.
  • The baby is healthy.
  • Rose wonders who is going to bury Alberta.
  • Troy says Alberta had family.
  • Rose begs Troy not to push her away.
  • He says he's not trying to do that; he just needs some breathing room.
  • Rose goes back into the house.
  • Troy starts talking out loud to Death. He says he's going to build a fence around the yard to keep Death out.
  • Troy tells Death that when he comes for him he'd better be ready for a fight.

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