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by August Wilson

Fences Act 2, Scene 3 Summary

  • Stage directions tells us that it's three days later.
  • Rose is sitting on the porch, listening to a ballgame.
  • Troy enters carrying his new baby, Raynell, wrapped in blankets.
  • There's a long, awkward silence.
  • Troy tells his wife that he's holding his daughter.
  • He says the girl is innocent and doesn't have a mother.
  • Rose brushes Troy off and goes back inside.
  • Troy sits down on the porch with Raynell.
  • He bemoans that fact that neither of them have a home now.
  • Troy sings Raynell a lullaby.
  • Rose comes back out on the porch.
  • Troy asks her if she'll help take care of Raynell.
  • Rose agrees, because Raynell is innocent and doesn't deserve to suffer.
  • However, from now on, Rose won't be Troy's woman.

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