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by August Wilson

Fences Act 2, Scene 4 Summary

  • Lyons enters from the street, knocks on the door, and calls for Rose.
  • Rose calls from inside the house, telling Lyons to stop yelling – she's just gotten Raynell to sleep.
  • Lyons says he's come by to pay Troy back the twenty dollars he owes him.
  • Rose tells him to come inside and put the money on the table.
  • He does so. As he's exiting, Cory enters.
  • Lyons apologizes to Cory for missing his graduation – he had a gig and couldn't make it.
  • Cory says it's alright.
  • Lyons asks Cory what he's up to now.
  • Looking for a job, Cory replies.
  • Lyons tells him he ought to see if Troy can help him find one.
  • Cory doesn't seem too excited by the idea.
  • Lyons exits.
  • Cory picks up the bat and practices his swing.
  • Troy enters the yard.
  • Cory stares at him for a second, then exits.
  • Rose enters from the house, carrying a cake. She's taking it down to the church for a bake sale.
  • Rose tells Troy that his dinner is on the stove and that Lyons left him twenty dollars.
  • Troy tries to give Rose some money. She tells him to put it on the table.
  • He asks her when she's coming back.
  • Rose says it's none of his business and heads off to church.
  • Troy sits on the porch and sings the song about Blue the hound dog while sipping on some gin.
  • Bono enters.
  • Troy says he hasn't seen him in a while.
  • His friend tells him it's been hard to keep up with him since he got the promotion.
  • Troy doesn't like driving as much as he thought he would, because there's no one to talk to.
  • He asks Bono if he wants a drink.
  • Bono says he can't; he's about to go play dominoes at Skinner's.
  • He tells Troy he should stop by and play sometime.
  • Troy says he heard that Bono bought Lucille the refrigerator she'd been wanting.
  • Bono says he did, because he heard Troy finished his fence.
  • Troy tells his friend that he'll be sure to stop by.
  • Bono exits.
  • Troy sips some more gin and sings about Blue.
  • Cory enters.
  • Troy is sitting in the middle of the steps.
  • Cory tells his father he needs to get by.
  • Troy says he ought to say excuse me.
  • The argument escalates.
  • Cory says Troy "doesn't count around here no more" (2.4.70).
  • Troy goes off about how he pays for everything and provides for Cory.
  • Cory tells Troy to get out of his way.
  • His father yells at him to get out of the yard. He says he's through providing for Cory.
  • Cory replies that all Troy ever did was hold him back and try to make him scared of him.
  • He says he doesn't know how his mother puts up with Troy after what he did.
  • Troy tells him to shut up about Rose.
  • Cory taunts his father, saying he's too old to do anything about it.
  • Troy shoves Cory and orders him to leave the yard.
  • His son retorts that it isn't Troy's yard anyway – he bought it with Gabe's disability money, then kicked him out.
  • Troy angrily steps up to Cory.
  • Cory picks up Troy's bat and dares his father to get closer.
  • Troy lunges at Cory.
  • His son swings the bat and misses (strike one).
  • He does it again and misses once more (strike two).
  • Troy sticks out his head, daring his son to hit him with the bat.
  • Cory can't bring himself to do it (strike three).
  • Troy grabs the bat and they wrestle over it.
  • In the end, Troy yanks the bat from Cory's hands.
  • He starts to swing it at his son but thinks better of it.
  • Troy orders Cory to leave.
  • Ashamed, Cory starts to skulk off.
  • "Tell Mama I'll be back for my things," he says to Troy (2.4.110).
  • Troy replies, "They'll be on the other side of that fence" (2.4.111).
  • Cory exits.
  • Troy grabs the bat and taunts Death.

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