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by August Wilson

Fences Betrayal Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #1

Bono: "I see where you be eyeing her." (1.1.20)

This is the first we learn of Troy's relationship with Alberta. What begins as a flirtation at a bar leads to a betrayal that destroys Troy's marriage. By betraying his wife, Troy loses the family he cherishes.

Quote #2

Bono: "It's all right to buy her one drink. That's what you call being polite. But when you wanna be buying two or three...that's what you call eyeing her." (1.1.24)

This line raises an interesting question: at what point does cheating start? If Troy is into Alberta, why would one drink be different than two or three? Aren't the feelings behind the drinks the real betrayal? We bet Maury would know the answer, but since he's not around we'll have to wonder for ourselves.

Quote #3

Troy: "Look here, as long you known me...you ever known me to chase after women?"
Bono: "Hell yeah! Long as I done known you. You forgetting I knew you when.
Troy: "Naw, I'm talking about since I been married to Rose"
Bono: "Oh, not since you been married to Rose." (1.1.25-1.1.24)

It looks like Troy used to be a real ladies' man. However, Bono recognizes that he's been a good boy since he got married. So what's the deal now, Troy? What's with this whole Alberta thing?

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