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by August Wilson

Cory Maxson Timeline and Summary

  • Gets home from football practice.
  • Gets fussed at by Rose for not doing his chores before he left.
  • Helps Troy build the fence.
  • Tries to talk to his dad about baseball but is continually shot down.
  • Argues with Troy about the football scholarship.
  • Tries to explain to his father that his job at the A&P will still be there after football season.
  • Asks Troy why he doesn't like him.
  • Is told by his father that he doesn't have to like him – he only has to provide for him.
  • Is ordered by Troy to go get his job back at the A&P.
  • Talks with a friend on the phone before heading off to practice, neglecting to do his chores.
  • Returns from practice steaming mad because Troy got him removed from the team.
  • Hits at the rag ball in the front yard.
  • Grumbles that he's not going to quit the team, no matter what.
  • Helps Troy and Bono build the fence.
  • Punches Troy in the chest when he sees him roughing up Rose.
  • Graduates high school.
  • Has trouble finding a job.
  • Gets in a fight with Troy, complete with a baseball bat.
  • Is defeated by his father.
  • Gets kicked out.
  • Returns seven years later on the day of Troy's funeral.
  • Gets lectured by Rose because he doesn't want to go to the funeral.
  • Sings a song with Raynell.