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by August Wilson

Fences Dissatisfaction Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #1

Troy: "All I want them to do is change the job description. Give everybody a chance to drive the truck." (1.1.15)

Troy Maxson is dissatisfied on almost every level of his life. Early on in the play we learn that he is unhappy with his job. Of course, the blatant racial inequality at work gives him a pretty good reason to be.

Quote #2

Bono: "I see where you be eyeing her." (1.1.20)

Here we get the first hint that Troy has become dissatisfied in his marriage. His best friend Bono seems to sense it, too. He's noticed that Troy has been paying a lot of attention to a lady named Alberta.

Quote #3

Troy: "I'm talking about if you could play ball then they ought to have let you play. Don't care what color you were." (1.1.81)

The fact that Troy wasn't allowed to play professional baseball because of his color is one of the major sources of frustration in his life. We wonder what sort of man he would have turned out to be if he'd been allowed to play. If Troy could've found more satisfaction in his professional life, would he have been happier in his family life?

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