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by August Wilson

Fences Dreams, Hopes, Plans Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #7

Gabriel: "Got me two quarters....I'm gonna save them and buy me a new horn so St. Peter can hear me when it's time to open the gates." (1.2.56)

It seems like Gabriel's dreams are simultaneously the smallest and biggest in play. You could say that he doesn't want much out of life. He's just trying to sell enough fruit to buy a new trumpet – no big deal, right? Of course, he claims to need this trumpet to help open the gates of heaven itself. Pretty lofty goal.

Quote #8

Bono: "[Troy's] gonna be the first colored driver. Ain't got to do nothing but sit up there and read the paper like them white fellows." (1.4.50)

We wonder if Troy was so determined to be a driver because of the discrimination he experienced in the pro-sports world. Is this quest in some way a substitute for the dream that was squashed earlier in his life? Was he dead-set on breaking down this racial barrier because of the one that held him back before?

Quote #9

Cory: "Papa done went up to the school and told Coach Zellman I can't play football no more. ...Told him to tell the recruiter not to come....Just cause you didn't have a chance! You just scared I'm gonna be better than you, that's all." (1.4.158-1.4.166)

Troy claims he's concerned that Cory will be discriminated against the same way he was. But Cory thinks Troy is only trying to hold him back out of jealousy. Is Cory right or wrong about Troy's motivations?

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