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by August Wilson

Fences Dreams, Hopes, Plans Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #1

Rose: "Cory done went and got recruited by a college football team." (1.1.68)

This is the first time in the play that we learn of Cory's big dream: to be a football player. More than that, Cory sees this as a chance to go to college. He hopes to break out of the cycle of poverty that many black people were trapped in at the time.

Quote #2

Troy: "He ought to go and get recruited in how to fix cars or something where he can make a living." (1.1.69)

Troy says Cory's big dream is impractical. He thinks his son should learn a trade instead of focusing on sports. That way Cory will have a real skill that he can use to make it through the world.

Quote #3

Rose: "They gonna send a recruiter by to talk to you. He'll tell you he ain't talking about making no living playing football." (1.1.70)

Rose doesn't necessarily disagree with the idea that football is an impractical way to make a living, but she tries to get her husband to see that the football scholarship is Cory's big chance to go to college. Unfortunately, Troy won't listen to her.

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