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by August Wilson

Fences Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Act.Scene.Line)

Quote #4

Troy: "You all line up at the door with your hands out. I give you the lint from my pockets. I give you my sweat and my blood. I ain't got no tears. I done spent them." (1.3.127)

It seems like Troy very often sees his family as a burden. It's almost as if he sees himself as some kind of martyr, sacrificing his own life for the sake of his family. What do you think – is Troy just a whiner or is there a certain nobility to his daily struggles?

Quote #5

Lyons: "You ought to come down and listen to me play, Pop."
Troy: "I don't like that Chinese music. All that noise." (1.4.84-1.4.85)

The fact that Troy calls the jazz Lyons plays "Chinese music" shows the large generation gap between them. Troy seems to be even more distant from Lyons's life than Cory's. Still, though, there seems to be a lot less tension between Lyons and Troy. Why do you think this might be?

Quote #6

Bono: "My daddy came on through...Just moving on through. Searching out the New Land. That's what the old folks used to call it. See a fellow moving around from place to place...woman to woman...called it searching out the New Land." (1.4.104)

Bono never had a father figure, and he never had children of his own. He was afraid he would feel the urge to go "searching out the New Land" just like his father did. Perhaps Bono feels like it isn't right to bring a child into the world if you're just going to abandon it. Unlike Troy, he has broken the cycle his father started, but at what expense?

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