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by August Wilson

Fences: In Which Troy’s Affair Gets Whitewashed Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Fences? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Where did Troy meet Bono?

Backstage at one of his concerts
In college
In prison
At a political rally
Q. Why does Lyons stop by Troy’s house?

To threaten him
To ask for money
To wash his car
Lyons thought it was his house; in his defense, their entire street is pretty cookie-cutter
Q. Who does Troy’s brother think he is?

The archangel Gabriel
Gunga Din
Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire
He’s still undecided, but now has it narrowed down to one of five possible personalities
Q. What is Troy trying to become?

The first black garbage truck driver
The first black governor
The first black policeman
The first black man to live through an August Wilson play
Q. Why does Troy refuse to let his son Cory go to college on a football scholarship?

Because a son of his should get into college on a curling scholarship
Because he doesn’t believe that Cory will ever amount to anything, and he’d be of more use around the house
Because he is insistent that Cory go to the same college that he attended
Because he is afraid that Cory will suffer racial discrimination at school
Q. What happens to Alberta, the woman with whom Troy has been having an affair?

Troy’s wife, Rose, murders her
She commits suicide when Rose threatens to make the affair public
She dies in childbirth
She lives. Hm. That’s probably a little too boring to be right, isn’t it?
Q. What is one of the reasons that Troy and Bono are no longer friends?

Troy slept with Bono’s wife
Bono is disappointed in Troy for cheating on Rose
In a moment of uncontrolled rage that Troy deeply regrets, he called Bono an ugly stupid-face, jinx, times infinity, no take backs
Q. Why does Rose think Troy had Gabriel committed?

Because Troy feels threatened by Gabriel
Because it was the only way Troy could exert his power over Rose
To get half of Gabriel’s disability money
Might have had something to do with the fact that Gabriel went dancing through the streets wearing nothing but a purple tutu and a pair of Crocs while singing "Happy Birthday" on a continuous loop and then urinating onto the front doorstep of the post office
Q. Who wins the physical fight between Troy and Cory?

Neither wins - they are both mortally wounded
It was a good, exciting fight with lots of broken bones and bloodshed, so really they’re both winners
Q. How does Cory come dressed to Troy’s funeral?

In rags
In expensive finery
More or less naked, save for a single, strategically positioned sock
In military uniform