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by August Wilson

Fences: In Which Troy’s Affair Gets Whitewashed True or False

1. Where did Troy meet Bono?→Backstage at one of his concerts
2. Why does Lyons stop by Troy’s house?→To wash his car
3. Who does Troy’s brother think he is?→Troy
4. What is Troy trying to become?→The first black garbage truck driver
5. Why does Troy refuse to let his son Cory go to college on a football scholarship?→Because he is afraid that Cory will suffer racial discrimination at school
6. What happens to Alberta, the woman with whom Troy has been having an affair?→She dies in childbirth
7. What is one of the reasons that Troy and Bono are no longer friends?→Troy slept with Bono’s wife
8. Why does Rose think Troy had Gabriel committed?→To get half of Gabriel’s disability money
9. Who wins the physical fight between Troy and Cory?→Troy
10. How does Cory come dressed to Troy’s funeral?→In military uniform