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by August Wilson

Rose Maxson Timeline and Summary

  • Cooks up some chicken and hangs out with Troy and Bono in the yard.
  • Tells Troy that Cory has been recruited by a college football team.
  • Argues with her husband about letting Cory play.
  • Tries to get Troy to see that things have changed.
  • Tells everybody that Troy is exaggerating about his Death and Devil stories.
  • Gives Lyons ten dollars out of Troy's money.
  • Hangs up some laundry.
  • Tells Troy to stop complaining about everything.
  • Tries to feed Gabriel some biscuits, but he wonders off.
  • Tries to make Troy feel better about having paid for the house out of Gabe's disability money.
  • Tells Cory to do his chores before Troy gets home.
  • Demands that Troy let Cory play college football.
  • Tries to get Cory to clean his room before he goes to football practice.
  • Is happy for Troy when he gets his promotion.
  • Begs Troy to let Cory play football.
  • Goes off on Troy when she learns that he's having an illegitimate child.
  • Is hurt by Troy when he angrily grabs her arm.
  • Confronts Troy about sending Gabriel to the mental hospital.
  • Agrees to raise Raynell but says she's no longer Troy's woman.
  • Lectures Cory about not wanting to go to Troy's funeral.