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by August Wilson

Troy Maxson Timeline and Summary

  • Returns home from work with his friend Bono.
  • Sips gin with Bono and talks about how he's contesting the racial segregation at work.
  • Denies being interested in Alberta when Bono brings it up.
  • Talks about how much he loves his wife, Rose.
  • Says he's against Cory getting a football scholarship.
  • Complains that he wouldn't have a house without his brother Gabriel's disability check.
  • Bemoans the fact that racism kept him from playing pro baseball.
  • Tells a story about how he wrestled Death.
  • Tells a story about how he met the Devil.
  • Gives Lyons a hard time about borrowing ten dollars.
  • Criticizes Rose for playing the numbers.
  • Fusses because Cory isn't around to help build the fence.
  • Heads off to Taylors' to listen to the game.
  • Starts building the fence with Cory.
  • Tells his son he doesn't want him to play football.
  • Argues that pro sports are still too racist.
  • Lectures his son that he doesn't have to like him; he only has to provide for him.
  • Comes home celebrating because he's broken the racial barrier at work by becoming a driver.
  • Gives Lyons a hard time when he pays back the ten dollars he borrowed.
  • Refuses to go hear Lyons play music.
  • Tells the story of a violent fight he and his father got into on the day Troy left home.
  • Talks about living in a shack when he first came to Pittsburgh and had to steal to get by.
  • Recounts how he ended up in prison for killing a man.
  • Threatens Cory when he comes home angry about his father's ending his football dreams.
  • Returns from bailing Gabriel out of jail.
  • Admits to Rose that he's been having an affair with Alberta and that he's gotten the woman pregnant.
  • Roughly grabs Rose's arm.
  • Gets knocked down by Cory.
  • Threatens his son again.
  • Denies putting Gabriel in a mental hospital just for the check.
  • Taunts Death when he learns that Alberta died in childbirth.
  • Asks Rose to help raise Raynell, his newborn daughter.
  • Has an awkward conversation with Bono, whom he hasn't seen in a while.
  • Gets into a big fight with Cory, complete with baseball bat.
  • Wins the fight with his son.
  • Kicks Cory out of the house.
  • Taunts Death again.
  • Dies seven years later.