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Interview with Fenrir

Fenrir's Advocacy Site


About Us

We are a group of Asgardian citizens dedicated to justice and civil rights for all creatures, especially our furry friends. We stand together in peaceful protest of the unlawful imprisonment and solitary confinement of Fenrir Laufeyson, wolf. Here you will find links to Fenrir's story and information about how you can join us in our efforts to set him free.

Fenrir's Story, as told to Leda Skeetersøn

I was just a pup when my brother, sister and I were ripped from our mother's arms in the middle of the night. I can still hear her screams, my brother Jormungand's hisses of terror, Hel's sobs… Jormungand and Hel were exiled from these worlds forever, but I was lucky. Or at least, so I thought.

Odin decided to raise me in Asgard, and, at first, I had the best of everything: a warm bed to sleep in, bones to chew on, a yard where I could howl at the moon on cool autumn nights. Since I was already big for my age, most people were terrified of me. The only god brave enough to come near me was Týr, who brought me the fresh venison I liked for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Týr became my best friend. We used to hunt together in the forest near Bifröst. He used to scratch me behind the ears. I liked that.

And then one day, everything changed—again. The gods lured me to this island, Lyngvi, in the middle of Lake Arnsvartnir. They taunted me, saying that I was such a weakling that I couldn't break out of this fetter they brought with them. Well of course, I proved them wrong. It was so easy for me I didn't even break a sweat! They went away for a few days, and when they came back, they had a new fetter, a little stronger than the last one. But by that time I had grown bigger on a diet of island squirrels, and I broke out again.

When they came back the third time, they brought a fetter made of silk. I was suspicious. "This must be a magical fetter," I thought, and I refused to let them put it on me, no matter how much they taunted me. But then Týr offered to put his hand in my mouth. I trusted Týr, and I thought the gods wouldn't risk the hand of their bravest god.

But I was wrong. Once the fetter was on, I squirmed and struggled, but it only grew tighter. In the struggle, I bit off Týr's hand—I didn't mean to! I would never do anything to hurt him, even after he betrayed me. Once they had me fettered, the gods chained me to a rock on Lyngvi Island. They believed the prophecy of the Völuspá that I would rebel against them—and kill Odin—at Ragnarök. So they plan to keep me here, sad and alone, forever.


A prophecy is no excuse to treat a fellow creature inhumanely. No animal deserves to live in the horrible conditions Fenrir endures every day, far from other human and animal company. No animal, no matter how big, deserves to be chained to a rock. Please, help us set Fenrir free! Here are some ways you can help:

Write a Letter to your þing representative.

Attend one of our upcoming events: Next week: Freedom Walk over Bifröst. Register today.

Donate: Your donation helps us carry out our events; pays for food, blankets, and rawhides for Fenrir; and pays the salaries of our þing lobbyists. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference!

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