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Fever, 1793

Fever, 1793


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever, 1793 Chapter 10 Summary

September 6th, 1793

  • The next day, Eliza and Grandfather bring in Dr. Kerr, a Scottish physician who calls Mr. Rowley an "imposter" and declares that Matilda's mother most definitely has yellow fever (10.12). Yikes.
  • Dr. Kerr, a disciple of Dr. Benjamin Rush, decides that Mother must be bled. He takes ten ounces of blood and promises to come back tomorrow to take another ten. (Doesn't sound like such a good idea to us.) He also advises that she be given jalap and calomel to help "purge" the disease (10.23).
  • Downstairs, Dr. Kerr and Grandfather decide that it's best to send Matilda out of the city to the Ludingtons' farm after all.
  • Grandfather is to accompany Mattie, so he leaves to hire a coach. Meanwhile Mattie tries to convince Eliza to let her stay – no luck whatsoever.
  • A package arrives at the coffeehouse for Matilda: inside is a painting of "delicate flowers, bright blue, lavender and red" (10.52). There's also a very sweet note about balloons from none other than Nathaniel Benson. Super swoon!
  • The next day Mattie and Grandfather set off for the country on a dilapidated old wagon with a farmer and his wife and baby.
  • As Matilda is bidding Eliza farewell, Grandfather appears dressed in his regimental jacket, ready for the trip. Everyone has a good laugh about this.

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