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Fever, 1793

Fever, 1793


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever, 1793 Chapter 13 Summary

September 10th, 1793

  • Mattie wakes up and sets off for the stream, followed by Grandfather's annoying parrot, King George.
  • On her walk, she contemplates what to do, beating herself up for not being stronger. King George squawks and flutters about her head.
  • At the stream, Mattie bathes and then turns her attention to food. More berries? No. Fish. She takes off her petticoat and fashions it into a net. With the unwieldy petticoat and King George fluttering above her head, though, she eventually crashes into the water. Not the best method for catching fish.
  • Mattie returns to Grandfather fishless, but with water. Though the heat is sweltering, he's somehow cold and shivering. Not a good sign.
  • Grandfather sends Mattie to find food and blankets from a farm. The first farmer she meets with shoos her away from his farmhouse, afraid that she has the fever.
  • Fortunately for Mattie, she finds a pear tree and picks the fruit to take back to Grandfather. Breakfast at last!
  • On the way back, Mattie starts feeling the heat and her hunger. And then her teeth start clattering together. And then all goes dark.

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