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Fever, 1793

Fever, 1793


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Matilda (Mattie) Cook Timeline and Summary

  • Matilda is shocked by the death of the serving girl Polly.
  • Matilda meets Nathaniel Benson in the marketplace. Swoon!
  • Mother takes ill and Matilda helps nurse her.
  • Matilda receives a painted picture of flowers from Nathaniel Benson.
  • Matilda and Grandfather set off for the country.
  • Matilda and Grandfather are abandoned by the farmer and his family.
  • Matilda wakes to find herself recovering at Bush Hill.
  • Matilda and Grandfather return to the city to find the coffeehouse ransacked.
  • Thieves break into the coffeehouse and attack Matilda and Grandfather.
  • Grandfather dies with Matilda at his side.
  • Matilda finds the orphan Nell in a doorway and takes her into her care.
  • Matilda is reunited with Eliza and meets Joseph, the twins, and Mother Smith.
  • Matilda decides to keep Nell and the two become a part of Eliza's family.
  • Matilda and Eliza nurse the citizens of Philadelphia with the Free African Society.
  • Matilda and Eliza take Nell and the twins, who have fallen ill, to the coffeehouse to recover.
  • After the first frost, the children's fever breaks. The fever is gone from the city.
  • Matilda reopens the coffeehouse with Eliza as her partner. Nathaniel Benson's paintings are hanging on the wall.
  • Matilda is reunited with her mother.
  • Matilda wakes in the morning to have her coffee – and to prepare for the day ahead.