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Fever, 1793

Fever, 1793


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Fever, 1793 Resources


Fever, 1793

Laurie Halse Anderson's official website for – you guessed it – Fever, 1793.

"A Historical Detective Searches for the Truth"

Laurie Halse Anderson's account of writing Fever, 1793.

Laurie Halse Anderson FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Laurie Halse Anderson, but were afraid to ask!

Yellow Fever Fact Sheet

Informative fact sheet on yellow fever from the World Health Organization.

The Great Fever

PBS provides information on the 1793 outbreak of yellow fever.

Africans in America: The Yellow Fever Epidemic

Another great resource from PBS, this one specifically dealing with race.

Historical Documents

The First American Cookbook (1796)

Is your mouth watering after reading about the Cook family's cooking? Why not try your hand at some eighteenth-century recipes, courtesy of Amelia Simmons?

Arthur Mervyn (1799)

Got a fever for fever? The truly adventurous may want to investigate Charles Brockden Brown's eighteenth-century novel set during the epidemic.

Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics

A website from Harvard that provides information on the 1793 fever, plus links to lots of primary sources.


Through the Air to Calais or The Wonderful Cruise of Blanchard's Balloon Trailer

Have a look at this trailer for a kind of goofy film about Blanchard's 1785 hot air balloon trip across the English Channel.


Dr. Benjamin Rush, Physician

Check out this portrait of the doctor by Thomas Sully.

Jean-Pierre Blanchard's Hot Air Balloon

This print commemorates Blanchard's crossing of the English Channel (yes, by balloon!) in 1785.

Reverend Richard Allen, Founder of the Free African Society

The frontispiece to Daniel A. Payne's History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (1891).

Philadelphia, 1793

A map of the city of Philadelphia during the time of the fever epidemic.


An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 (2003)

Want a non-fiction account of Philadelphia's yellow fever outbreak too? Check out Jim Murphy's Newberry Honor book – it's suitable for young adult readers.

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