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Fever, 1793

Fever, 1793

by Laurie Halse Anderson

Women and Femininity Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

I shook my head. Nonsense. Foolish nonsense. I was being weak and foolish. There was no point in wandering like a lost puppy. I needed to get home and sleep. Grandfather would not be proud if he saw me acting so spineless. I needed to captain myself. (20.87)

Matilda earlier described her mother as her captain. Here, she uses the same image but in a different way. What does it mean to captain herself?

Quote #8

Eliza pulled a knife from the waistband of her skirt. "If they try again, we'll be ready."

Once that would have shocked me, but no longer. I picked up the sword and hung it over the fireplace. We would keep the children safe. (25.15-25.16)

Back at the coffeehouse, Matilda and Eliza have become the sole protectors of the children. What is the significance of the weapons? (Hint: think phallic symbols and masculine authority.)

Quote #9

"Eliza, I want you to be my partner. There's no one better suited to it, no one I can trust. Or who will put up with me." (27.54)

Matilda asks Eliza to be her business partner. What path has Matilda chosen for herself? Why has she included Eliza?