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Fight Club

Fight Club


by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club Chapter 14 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • The next morning, our narrator thinks about the benefits of cancer and why he goes to support groups: "If people thought you were dying, they gave you their full attention" (14.1).
  • While we're on this cheery subject, Marla talks about her job at a funeral home and all the dead people she's seen. "At night they called on the telephone […] and when she took the call the line was dead" (14.21).
  • Our narrator gets a call, but this one's from someone who is quite alive: a police inspector.
  • He believes that our narrator blew up his own apartment.
  • Tyler tries to get our narrator to confess, but our narrator says he didn't do it.
  • Despite his plea of innocence, the narrator is told by the detective to not leave town.

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