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Fight Club

Fight Club


by Chuck Palahniuk

Marla Singer Timeline & Summary

  • Marla sweeps into a testicular cancer support group and totally ruins our narrator's comfy world of lies. He tries to get her out of his life, but it just won't work.
  • One day, Marla calls our narrator because she's taken a bunch of pills in a cry-for-help suicide attempt.
  • The Tyler side of his personality goes over to help her.
  • Of course, she doesn't know he's got these two sides to his personality yet.
  • Marla and our narrator/Tyler enter into a physical relationship that goes pretty hot and heavy until she finds out that our narrator/Tyler has been using her mother's fat to make soap. That's a deal breaker.
  • They reconnect when Marla calls our narrator to check out a lump in her breast. As we know, nothing brings people together like cancer.
  • They talk about death a lot, like how Marla believes people are calling her from beyond the grave when she answers the phone and no one's there.
  • Our narrator's life spirals out of control as Project Mayhem gathers steam.
  • He asks Marla what his name is, and she drops the bomb: he's Tyler Durden.
  • But Marla isn't weirded out by our narrator's schizophrenia. She thinks it's kinda cool.
  • The last time we see her, she's gathered up the members of the support group and tromped to the top of the Parker-Morris building, where our narrator shoots himself to get rid of Tyler.
  • Even though Marla's not in the last chapter, our narrator thinks of calling her.
  • This time, the person on the other end won't hang up.