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Fight Club

Fight Club


Chuck Palahniuk

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Mortality Quotes in Fight Club

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Quote #7

Marla said, she could die just as well watching television. Marla just hoped there was something worth watching. (7.32)

Marla is probably exaggerating here during her cry-for-help suicide attempt, but it raises an interesting question. We've heard of last meals, but last TV shows? We sure hope we don't die during a repeat of Jersey Shore.

Quote #8

"The Animal Control place is the best place to go. [...] The old animals dance and jump around for your attention because after three days, they get an overdose shot of sodium phenobarbital and then into the big pet oven." (8.52)

Marla's morbid thoughts about the brief lives and deaths of pets can also be applied to the brief lives and deaths of humans. We're born, we jump around for attention, then we die. How uplifting.

Quote #9

"What will you wish you'd done before you died?" (18.93)

The name of the philosophical mechanic isn't revealed in the book, but we've found out who it is: Jack Nicholson.

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