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Fight Club

Fight Club


by Chuck Palahniuk

The Narrator Timeline & Summary

  • Our narrator is on top of a building that is about to explode. He has a gun in his mouth. Sit right back and you'll hear the tale of how he got to this point.
  • He tells us about attending support groups for people with cancer and brain parasites. He doesn't have either of these things; he just goes to the groups, and cries.
  • Problem: A woman named Marla Singer has shown up at the support groups. She doesn't have cancer either. Our narrator can't cry with her watching.
  • So our narrator makes a new friend: Tyler Durden. He and Tyler bond on a nude beach during one of our narrator's business trips.
  • Back home, our narrator discovers that his apartment has kind of exploded. Yikes. He moves in with Tyler, and together, they start something called fight club.
  • As fight club mania sweeps the country, our narrator, Tyler, and Marla get swept up in a bizarre love triangle.
  • Eventually Tyler forms Project Mayhem, recruiting fight club members in a mission to topple our capitalist society.
  • Everything escalates out of control, with people dying and buildings exploding, until Marla finally tells our narrator that he is Tyler Durden. Whazza-wha?
  • Our narrator scrambles around trying to undo all the damage he did when he was Tyler.
  • It doesn't really work. After shooting himself in the face (he survives!) our narrator rids himself of his Tyler hallucinations, but Project Mayhem is still out there, subverting society.