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Fight Club

Fight Club


by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club Resources


Join the Cult

Ready to worship Palahniuk the way the space monkeys worship Tyler Durden? Head on over to the official Palahniuk website, The Cult.

Movie or TV Productions

We Are Joe's Movie Adaptation

Palahniuk has opened his chakras to the awareness the movie has brought to his work, and he includes all you need to know about the movie on his own website.

500 Club

Fight Club is on IMDb's list of top 500 films. Where do you rank the movie?

"Fight Club in 30 Seconds, Re-Enacted By Bunnies"

Enough said. (Be careful, not for the young'uns)

Articles and Interviews

Prehistoric Palahniuk

One of the first documented interviews with Palahniuk is full of Fight Club and philosophy.

How Do We Love Thee?

This interview not only reveals Palahniuk's romantic sensibilities, but also how the heck to pronounce his last name.

It's 3AM, We Must Be Lonely

In this interview with 3AM Magazine, Palahniuk reveals his opinions on the Fight Club movie, as well as other potential book-to-movie adaptations in the works.


Talking About Fight Club

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt talk about the themes in Fight Club while resisting the urge to punch the interviewer in the face.

"Tyler is a Projection"

See how Fight Club transitions from page to screen in the movie trailer. It's a little intense.


"This is Cancer, Right?"

See how Helena Bonham-Carter looks as Marla making her big entrance.

Need a Hug?

Snuggle up in Bob's bosom and let all the tears come out.

Leader of the Cult

Chuck Palahniuk is the guy who started it all. Looks like he still has all his teeth.

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