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Fight Club
Fight Club
by Chuck Palahniuk

Rules and Order Quotes in Fight Club Page 1

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Quote #1

Push a button. (1.10-1.12)

Mindlessly obeying rules creates a pretty meaningless existence. You turn the page, you wash your hands.

Quote #2

You can topple anything. (1.25)

This tiny sentence is technically describing explosives and skyscrapers, but we're pretty sure it's meant to go a bit deeper. Wouldn't you say Tyler Durden believes that the same can be applied to any system of rules or social hierarchy?

Quote #3

You'll never hear anyone say "parasite." Everybody is always getting better. (4.5)

Sugar-coating is one of those unwritten rules of polite society. Even in the support groups full of people confronting death, they still use euphemisms to dance around the grim truth.

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