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Filling Station
Filling Station
by Elizabeth Bishop

Filling Station Appearances Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

Some comic books provide the only note of color— (21-22)

This is pretty grim, too. But our favorite part about these lines is the little hint of synesthesia going on. She describes the comic books as a "note" of color. That makes us think that this filling station is a pretty quiet place, just like it's gray and bleak.

Quote #8

upon a big dim doily (24)

Even the doily is colorless, and seemingly lifeless. To be fair, it's probably pretty oil-soaked. But why hasn't the family taken care of it? Could the woman who's responsible for placing the doily on the table be gone?

Quote #9

a big hirsute begonia. (27)

There's a big bushy plant on the porch. This might be the only thing the family has that hasn't been described in a completely disgusting, negative way.

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