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Filling Station

Filling Station

by Elizabeth Bishop
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Filling Station Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

Father wears a dirty,oil-soaked monkey suitthat cuts him under the arms, (7-9)

The apparent head of the family, and head of the station, wears a dirty suit that's too small for him. This might mean he doesn't care about what he looks like, or more likely, that he can't afford a better suit. This tells us the family might be a poor one.

Quote #2

and several quick and saucyand greasy sons assist him (8-9)

He's got sons! Several of them, and they're real slick kids and they're helping papa run the family business. We have a feeling that someday, they'll be sporting an ill-fitting monkey suit, just like papa.

Quote #3

(it's a family filling station), (10)

The speaker is perhaps stating the obvious at this point. Maybe that's why she's tacking on the parentheses here.

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