Credit and Debit

Maria decided to get a Capital One® Cash Rewards card because she could earn unlimited cash back in the form of Reward Dollars (3% cash back at supermarkets, 2% cash back at gas stations and departments stores and 1% cash back everywhere else).

• 0% intro APR on purchases until May 2013

• 19.8% APR, not a too, too bad a rate considering she doesn’t have much credit history. She plans to get a card with a lower rate after a year. Chances are good that Capital One would match a new, lower rate if she keeps a good payment record and tells them she’s going to switch if they don’t.

• At least 1% cash back on all purchases and she doesn’t have to sign up for all the individual reward programs

• 50% bonus on the cash back that she earns every year

• Unlimited cash back that doesn't expire

• Redeem cash back anytime for any amount, she can even set up automatic redemptions

• And she gets to personalize her card with a picture of her pug, Mugsy.

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