Investing 101

So, entrepreneurs in the “normal” world are found in every local niche that exists. The most common entrepreneur you likely know is your local dry cleaner. Most likely, that store is owned by an individual who risked his own capital to pay for everything from the plastic bags to the rotating hanger thing to a special billing system and an unmarked white van to deal with armpit sweat and wrinkled wool pants. That entrepreneur is a vast jump below the wealth created by the Google founders but that entrepreneur beats to his won drummer. He is the “man” and if he’s good and ends up owning a chain of dry cleaners, he can do financially better than a top tier lawyer, doctor, or union fireman.

Entrepreneurs come inside of organizations as well. Your local stockbroker is an entrepreneur. So is your local realtor. So is anyone else who sells things. Most salespeople draw a very low base salary and draw commissions that are 2 to 20 times that base salary. It is not uncommon in a hot real estate market for a real estate broker to earn millions of dollars in commissions in a single year.

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