A home is the biggest purchase of your life (for most people anyway). It is more than just a stock or bond where you can call your broker and quickly sell. It is one of the few places where dollars blend into memories and a tangible sellable asset becomes an extension of your personality; an extension of yourself. The toughest question most of the world wrestles with is how much of themselves they can afford. Memories are wonderful, but if we could sell them at $100 a pop, would we?

Most people don’t buy a home with cash from their wallet. Partly because the bulge in their jeans pocket would be ridiculous. They borrow the money. Nothing wrong with borrowing. A liquid market for young people to buy homes is good for this country and it is hard to argue that our government shouldn’t support a relatively easy process in buying a home. In America, that dream has worked for a very long time and is the backbone of American financial progress. Hopefully, America has not suddenly developed scoliosis.

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