Taxes Shmaxes

It’s “your” money. Or is it?

You’re consuming air that’s hovering over this country. Shouldn’t we tax the air? You occupy land. You whiz in repositories for long tubes that then pollute the oceans on our shores. You… consume. If you can find a way to not consume, then maybe there’s a fair argument that you can live “off grid” and maybe not be taxed. But then again, the country defends your rights to live in peace, so isn’t that a taxable benefit you shouldn’t be allowed to ride upon for free? Might as well make use of their whiz tubes…

Let’s say you bus tables at the local pizza parlor for 53 hours in a given week.

Your paycheck starts with an almost livable amount. After taxes, you end with a much smaller amount. It’s what the shark did to the gal in the opening scene of Jaws; taxes take a bite out of everything from your income to your ability to buy a hula hoop. Taxes are the government deductions from your paycheck, the reason that the $18.23 dinner for two at the Olive Garden doesn’t actually cost only $18.23 (add tax), and the reason a dentist married to a school teacher in California has to earn $180,000 to keep $120,000, which in most areas of the state is barely enough to afford even a decent home. That’s a $60,000 cavity. Ouch.

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