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Best of the Web

Best of the Web


Mary Oliver on Poets.org

That means she's a poet with a capital P.

Get the Goods

Her publisher's site can point you in the right direction for all things Mary.

Mary Oliver is a Modern American Poet

Or so says Modern American Poetry. Click through for criticism and other resources.


Mary, with Canine

Totally adorable, no?


Readings in Nature

The woods in her poems are lovely, dark, and deep.

Chat it up with Ms. O

Or, failing that, you could eavesdrop on this conversation.


Mary Reading

We couldn't find an audio version of "Flare" (and if you find one, tell us!), so you'll just have to settle for hearing a few of her other poems from the horse's mouth.


"Flare"'s Natural Habitat

Take a look inside The Leaf and the Cloud.

A Poet on Poetry

Want to know Mary Oliver's thoughts on the craft of poetry?

Articles & Interviews

Feeling Touchy-Feely?

Then be sure to check out Maria Shriver's interview with Mary, on Oprah.com.

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