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Shmoop has a huge library of flashcards covering all the major subjects—we’re talking literature, science, math, test prep, vocab, foreign languages...the list goes on. And if we don't have your subject area, you can create your own cards to use yourself or share with some lucky slackers. Who knows? Maybe “Modernism in Slavic Art” will become the next big flashcard set.

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    Shmoop Flashcards really zazzed up my human vocabulary.

    Cat Stevens


    I needed to brush up on my flower symbolism, and Shmoop Flashcards did the trick.

    Georgia O'Keefe


    I had to go to a carnival instead of using Shmoop Flashcards. I sure got the short end of the lollipop.

    Sergeant Shmooper

    Stoic Man-Child