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The Flies

The Flies

by Jean-Paul Sartre
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The Flies Identity Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

CLYTEMNESTRA As for you, my child, too faithful copy of myself, 'tis true I have no love for you. But I had rather cut off my right hand than do you harm. (1.1.210)

What seems like motherly affection towards Electra is something else altogether. Because Clytemnestra recognizes herself in her daughter, she can't bring herself to hurt her.

Quote #2

FOURTH MAN From tomorrow I'll start wondering how they'll be next year. Every year they're getting nastier and nastier – (2.1.11)

It's clear that the townspeople are getting nowhere with their repentance. All their remorse serves no purpose, as they make no progress past their guilt.

Quote #3

[She dances.] VOICES IN THE CROWD Look how she's dancing, light as a flame. Look how her dress is rippling. […] THE YOUNG WOMAN And see her look of ecstasy – oh no, that's not the face of a wicked woman. (2.1.84-5)

In trying to turn the citizens of Argos away of their shame of humanity, Electra has tried to help them see a more positive side to their human sexuality.

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