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Are lines are just a little too one-dimensional for you these days? Shmoop's guide to the Florida Geometry End-of-Course Assessment will open the door to the wonderful world of polygons and polyhedra…not to mention other shapes and solids that don't include the prefix "poly." (You'll still have to deal with lines, though. Sorry.) As if that's not enough, we cover trigonometry in triangles and logical statements as well. Pop quiz: evaluate the converse of the statement "If you aced the Geometry EOC exam, then you reviewed with Shmoop."

Try a sample:

Ready, set, math.

Shmoop is all about getting high-quality equation to anyone, anywhere…even Floridans who prefer studying from home without pants on.*

*Or less. Hey, we don't know your lives.

Need more proof? (Get it? Because it's geometry?…oh, never mind.) Take us for a test spin. Clothing optional.

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  • Aligned to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards? Check: we got it.
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