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When we weren't looking, geometry went from the shapes we learned on Sesame Street to stuff with dimensions, angles, areas, perimeters, theorems, proofs, and other relationships. ("Other relationships"? What is this, a reality show?) Luckily, our guide to the Florida Geometry End-of-Course Assessment can help students identify the areas* that need work—and provide targeted review sections and practice problems to whip them into shape.**

*Geometry Pun #1.
*Geometry Pun #2.

Try a sample:

Identify and describe convex, concave, regular, and irregular polygons. (MA.912.G.2.1)

Here's a joke for you. What has n sides and is a bunch of lines connected to each other? The DMV! Haw haw.

If you answered "a polygon," you're also right, but that isn't as funny. Polygons are flat shapes made of line segments that are connected end-to-end.

Figures that aren't closed? Not a polygon. Pac-Man? Nope. A fine-looking hexagon with the six sides there? Oh yeah.

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