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For the Union Dead

For the Union Dead


by Robert Lowell

For the Union Dead Resources


For Fans of Lowell (and Nerds like Us)

Check out this smattering of excerpts from academic essays on "For the Union Dead."

Lowell Over Time in The Times

Check out the NYT archives for news about Robert Lowell.


2010 Robert Lowell Memorial Lecture

Boston University gives a lecture in memory of Robert Lowell where tons of world-famous poets and critics speak. Pick and choose your favorites (it's two hours long!).

Frank Bidart's Reading

Check out fellow poet Frank Bidart's intro to, and interpretation of, the poem.


Lowell reads "For the Union Dead"

Hear a live recording of Lowell reading "For the Union Dead." Feel free to stop listening at the four-minute mark when the poem ends.


Lowell, Sans Glasses

Here's a young Robert Lowell without his iconic glasses.

Studious Lowell

Lowell's in his element: surrounded by books.

Articles and Interviews

1961 Interview with Lowell

The literary journal Paris Review sits down to discuss teaching, criticism, and of course, poetry with Lowell.

"Talk with Robert Lowell"

A 1964 New York Times profile on Lowell by American poet Stanley Kunitz.


Life Studies and For the Union Dead

Publisher FSG puts two of Lowell's most famous collections together in one book.

Lost Puritan: A Life of Robert Lowell

This is a biography of Lowell's life, written by Paul Mariani in 1996.

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