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For the Union Dead
For the Union Dead
by Robert Lowell

For the Union Dead Sacrifice Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"Relinquunt Omnia Servare Rem Publicam." (Epigraph)

Translation: "They gave up all to serve the republic." To give one's life is the ultimate sacrifice. It certainly trumps trying to give up Facebook for a month (by about a zillion times).

Quote #2

Colonel Shaw
and his bell-cheeked Negro infantry
on St. Gaudens' shaking Civil War relief (21–23)

This is the first appearance of the memorial, which commemorates the sacrifice of the Union Soldiers. The whole squad is up there representing. Big ups.

Quote #3

Two months after marching through Boston,
half the regiment was dead; (25–26)

The soldiers traveled and fought in harsh conditions and ultimately sacrificed their lives. Not only did they die, but they had to suffer for months beforehand. Talk about adding insult to injury.

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