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For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls


by Ernest Hemingway

Karkov Timeline and Summary

  • We see Karkov in Robert Jordan's Gaylord's flashback. After learning some general details about him, we witness a specific conversation between him and Robert Jordan, on a wide variety of subjects – political, literary, and personal.
  • On the eve of the Republican assault, we meet Karkov in Gaylord's. He doesn't have a good night. "Dolores" has delivered "news" which is totally false, his mistress wants to have a picnic at the supposedly secret assault, and no report has been received from Robert Jordan.
  • Early in the morning of the next day, he saves Andrés and Gomez's butts from the maniacal Comrade Marty, and promises Marty he's going down.