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Foundation Duty Quotes

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Quote #1

A [Seldon]. No, sir. Scientific truth is beyond loyalty and disloyalty. (I.6.23)

Some see one's highest duty as to nation or humanity, and Seldon agrees that duty to humanity is important. But facts are facts; there's no ideology there. Poor little factoids, taking all the heat.

Quote #2

"We are a State-supported, scientific institution, Hardin. We cannot—must not—will not interfere in local politics." (II.1.19)

Pirenne believes his duty is to science and science alone. Local politics don't hold a candle to science in his eye. But guess what? According to Hardin, everything is interconnected. Science and local politics can't be separated, because they affect everyone on Terminus.

Quote #3

"Forget it, Hardin. It's none of our business. We are first of all and last of all—scientists. And our concern is the Encyclopedia." (II.1.23)

The Board of Trustees believes its duty is to the encyclopedia. But duty to just facts, and not facts with an ideal behind them, is empty. Come on, guys, get psyched about something!

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