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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Fate & Free Will Quotes

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Quote #7

"No! Hari Seldon said in the Time Vault, that at each crisis our freedom of action would become circumscribed to the point where only one course of action was possible." (III.2.68)

Hardin understands Seldon's Plan, so he knows eventually he'll be limited to one choice and one choice only. That's the time to act. If only Seldon's Plan could solve the dreaded soup or salad dilemma.

Quote #8

"Now the first crisis came fifty years after the establishment of the Foundation, and the second, thirty years later than that. Almost seventy-five years have gone since. It's time, Manlio, it's time." (V.2.15)

Prophecy becomes a slot machine. After a few jackpots hit, everybody thinks the machine is hot and wait for another jackpot to hit. Well, we hate to break it to you—but random is still random.

Quote #9

"If ever a poor woman was sacrificed for policy to an unsavory marriage, it was myself. I could have picked a more proper man from the alleys and mudheaps of my native world." (V.6.8)

Seldon's Plan isn't the only thing trying to force people into pre-determined actions. Take the Commodora here, forced into a marriage determined before her birth. So, if you can stomach forcing someone into marriage, you can be a prophet too. Or just a really big jerk.

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