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by Isaac Asimov

Hari "Raven" Seldon Timeline and Summary

  • Seldon meets Gaal for the first time in his hotel room. Awk-ward.
  • He explains psychohistory to Gaal and then mentions that oh, by the way, civilization is going to collapse soon.
  • Seldon goes on trial for disloyalty to the Empire. There, despite fierce competition, Seldon talks circles around the prosecution. Because in science fiction, all scientists are naturally gifted lawyers as well.
  • With the trial clearly not going their way, the Commission of Public Safety enters private talks with Seldon.
  • They decide on a compromise, by which we mean Seldon can choose exile or the government will execute him.
  • NBD. In fact, Seldon planned the whole exile thing in advance. He's just got a few loose ends to tie up so the Foundations will serve its purpose. Then he can go and die.
  • You'd think that'd be the end of Seldon's role in Foundation. Wrong-o.
  • Seldon reappears before Hardin Seldon and the Board of Trustees 50 years later in the Vault. (Or, well, his holograph does.)
  • In a pre-recorded message, Seldon informs the Board that the Foundation is a fraud. More to the point, the Encyclopedia is a fraud. He just needed an excuse to get them out into the middle of nowhere.
  • Why? Because he needed them to limit their course of action to just one option: Seldon's Plan.
  • Thirty years later, Seldon appears in another prerecorded message. This time he congratulates the Foundation on passing their second Seldon Crisis. Go team!