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by Isaac Asimov

Hober Mallow Timeline and Summary

  • Mallow is sent to Korell to figure out what happened to three Foundation ships that suddenly went missing. They just vanished. Poof!
  • There, he is confronted with a dilemma: sell out a Foundation missionary to the Korellian police, or start a war.
  • Mallow gives the missionary a bouncer's boot.
  • He sets up a trade route with Korell's leader, the Commdor. He also discovers nuclear weapons on the planet, ones belonging to the Empire itself.
  • Next, Mallow heads off to Siwenna and learns the Empire is still kicking (feebly) in the center of the galaxy. They've also sided with Korell in a war against the Foundation.
  • When he gets home, Mallow is put on trial for murdering that missionary fellow. Too bad Mallow outsmarted Sutt, proving that the missionary was a member of the Korellian Secret Police and not the Foundation.
  • Mallow is elected mayor, and Korell begins its attack.
  • No sweat. Mallow has used his trade route with Korell to create a system by which the planet's entire economy requires the Foundation to operate.
  • When Mallow stops sending trade to Korell, the economy collapses. Mallow wins the war without even fighting one.