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by Isaac Asimov

Foundation Philosophy (Science) Quotes

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Quote #4

"I wigh them against each othah—balance the disagweements—analyze the conflicting statements—decide which is pwobably cowwect—and come to a conclusion. That is the scientific method." (II.4.40)

Yeah, those aren't typos. Lord Dorwin just talks like that, but we'll forgive him (and Asimov). Worse, he doesn't know the scientific method. You're supposed to test the theories of others by testing their evidence and experiencing those theories yourself. That's the scientific method.

Quote #5

"Lord Dorwin thought the way to be a good archaeologist was to read all the books on the subject—written by men who were dead for centuries. He thought that the way to solve archaeological puzzles was to weigh the opposing authorities. And Pirenne listened and made no objections. Don't you see that there's something wrong with that?" (II.5.73)

Yes, Hardin, yes we do. As long as these men don't go out and do anything with the information they're receiving, things will never change. And change is good. Change gave us the Internet, antibiotics, and Christmas lights that don't die when only one bulb burns out. Would you want to go back to those days?

Quote #6

"I believe that my views reflect those of the majority of voters of Terminus. Does that suit you?"

"Well, a statement like that is all the better for proof […]." (III.1.33)

Is there a statement that isn't better with proof backing it up? Eh, maybe a statement like, "Pie is delicious." But that's only because we've already done the research.

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